President’s Message 2022

Welcome to our new website! I hope you enjoy it and we do value your suggestions on trying to improve it. I want to thank our ALMA website committee for this website.

Over the last year ALMA has been despite the Covid 19 situation been active. We have all experienced the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. ALMA has held multiple webinars on educating our community on the Covid 19 pandemic and the benefits of vaccinations. This has allowed us to address the concerns our community had with the Covid 19 vaccination. We are continuing to assist our community on this front as we understand the benefits of vaccinate for all of us. We aim to continue to educate our community with on going community talks throughout the year.

The last 2 years has been a difficult period for the Lebanese population within Lebanon. They have struggled and still are struggling with economic hardship, the Covid 19 pandemic and the aftermath of the Beirut post explosion.  The Lebanese Health sector is on its knees and with subsidies being lifted on many items of food and medicine it has brought Lebanon and its people to a position of severe need and requiring urgent assistance.

I am so proud of the effects ALMA has embarked on in attempting to assist the Lebanese population. From our food appeal, our donation of medical supplies and medicines, food and oxygen concentrators. I want to thank the Australian Lebanese community and the multiple groups with have walked to achieve this and continue to provide Lebanon with assistance. It has been an amazing effort.

I am proud of the growth of ALMA in Australia with the South Australian branch establishing a working group to progress ALMA in South Australia. Nationally ALMA is working together to promote all our efforts and to improve as an Association.

This year we will celebrate 10 years as an official association. It has been an incredible and fulfilling journey to date and I am proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to what we aim to achieve for not only our health professionals but also for our Australian Lebanese community and our wider community.

I want to thank all the national ALMA committee members and the individual state ALMA branches for all their hard work.

I look forward to updating you regularly.

Dr Walid Ahmar

ALMA National President